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Fun Retrieve Ideas to Game-Up Your Dog’s Play!

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I was recently asked by an owner of a ball-mad spaniel how they could get more out of games with their dog, without just relying on fetch….

Good Dog Socialisation in Adolescence. What does it actually look like?

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Did you know that good doggy social skills aren’t necessarily learnt from rough and tumble play? I get calls from clients all the time telling me their…

Dog-G8 is Dog GRRR8

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An ingenious design for this multi-functional tool that all dog owners should have in their home.

Clients regularly hear me speak about the benefits…

What to Expect from Online Training

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With massive changes to the way we all live and work in 2020, online learning has…

Time for bed? Setting a sleep routine in a new location.

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We’ve hit a bit of turbulence in the past month. Following a house move and the death of our wonderful Sage, everyone is feeling a little upset emotionally and…

Confessions of a Dog Trainer. Part 4: I Leave my Dogs Alone!

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I’m just back from a weekend away. The dogs came too. They come with me whenever possible. Without blinking we went to dinner in the hotel and left the…

Confessions of a Dog Trainer. Part 3: Front Door Shenanigans

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We sometimes see habits in other people’s dogs which leave us saying to ourselves ‘that would really annoy me.’ So if i stood back and watched how my dogs…

Dispelling the Myths. Tuggy, Retrieve & Safe Play.

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I still regularly hear from clients that they have been told they shouldn’t play tug with their dog….

Confessions of a Dog Trainer. Part 2: Sleeping on the Bed!

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It’s confession time again. My dogs occasionally sleep on my bed overnight and often join me for a lie-in at the weekend. This has zero impact on their…

Dog Tired? When Exercise Wakes him Up Rather than Tires Him Out!

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Many years ago, at a seminar in Edinburgh, I heard Patricia McConnell say that most dog walks wake the dog up, rather than tire the dog out. ‘But…