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What to Expect from Online Training

With massive changes to the way we all live and work in 2020, online learning has never become more relevant. If you haven’t done an online training course before, you may be wondering how it’s even possible to get help to train your dog, without working in person with a trainer.

Perhaps you’ve considered signing up to an online course, but you weren’t sure how things would work. Maybe you’d thought about online training but wondered if you’d have the motivation to progress through a course, without the support of a trainer on hand.

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then this blog is intended to help you decide if my online training course is right for you and your dog. That way you can sign up with confidence to get the most from the course and progess along the path to having a well trained pup.

What should I expect from the course?

Video tutorials demonstrating training in real time with both untrained and trained dogs so you can gauge your progress as you work through the lessons.

Structured step by step learning with both theory and practice to help you understand things from your dog’s perspective and to help make the training process simpler for all.

Fun training techniques you and your dog will want to join in with. Using positive, motivational methods, you will have a willing student in your dog and an enthusiastic teacher (that’s you!) for optimal learning, for all.

Jellybean helping with a lesson on capping excitement during play.

How is the course laid out?

The course is split into 6 lessons outlined below, each covering a different topic. The range of topics cover the foundations needed for a well trained dog, based on 15 years experience of teaching group training classes. This detailed and comprehensive course covers everything from how to train positions such as sit & down and recall, to safe play, house training and food manners.

For a sample of just how much is included in each lesson: below is Lesson 1

In addition to the online lessons, there is also a Private Facebook Group where learners are encouraged to post their training videos for feedback and to share their learning experiences with others on the course.

Is the course suitable for my dog?

The course is designed with puppies in mind as training from scratch is the easiest way to teach good habits and build your relationship with your dog. With online training, you can begin as soon as you bring your puppy home. No need to wait for vaccinations to be completed. No need to wait until bad habits have already formed and have to correct them. This is especially true with house and crate training for example. Here’s baby Jellybean at only 8 weeks old, starting to learn about safe play and not grabbing.

However nothing in the course would exclude adult learners or rehomed dogs whose owners would like to start again, this time training in a more structured and effective manner.

What’s the investment needed?

The cost of the course is £99. You’ll get 3 months to access the online resources and 5 weeks of personal support and feedback for your uploaded training videos on the private Facebook group. This is plenty of time to work through the lessons and progress step by step.

You’ll need time, enthusiasm, commitment and a great sense of fun to train your dog, whether you’re doing it using an online course of not. You don’t need lots of space, although you’ll always be encouraged to take your training on walks with you. You’ll need tasty food, some favourite dog toys, a lead and long line and if you’d like to use one, a whistle. Most people already own these for their dogs already.

Where can I sign up?

To start your training journey, click here where you’ll be asked to pay via Paypal. You’ll get immediate access to the online training course. You’ll need to ask to join the Private Facebook Group so that you can upload your training videos for feedback.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact sue@muttamorphosis.co.uk


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