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What Our Customers Have Said…

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Sue has been absolutely brilliant  in helping us with our two Yorkie pups. Very easy to engage with and she is bursting with ideas and enthusiasm to help any problem. Would definitely recommend her to help you get the most out of your relationship with man’s best friend.

Tracy & Rob Webber

We had Sue help me with my nearly 3 years old cockapoo who was having a lot of difficulty with fear aggression. After using 2 previous behaviour workers I was losing a bit of hope we would ever be able to change this, as well as this having a knock on effect with my confidence when walking him. After the first session it was clear that there was a drive and enthusiasm to change his behaviour and also to help me understand him more in order to help. She gave me great pointers and knowledge in order to understand how to respond but also how to build my confidence with him and allow him to have trust in me. Don’t get me wrong we are nowhere near where I would like us to be but with help and support, Sue has given me the tools to start my journey with my boy and continue our development and training!

Jamie Sanderson

We have a completely different dog already! Us understanding Lucy’s needs has made a massive difference. Mealtimes are no longer a nightmare. The downtime is a revelation. There’s a lot less frustrations in the house and we can’t thank you enough. I can’t wait to see what happens as we keep on learning about Lucy and training her to be the fantastic dog I know she is.

Wilson Family


I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us and Skye, she’s so much more relaxed and happy, it’s lovely to see and we wouldn’t have got here without you.
Val Crosby

“Just to say a big thank you for all your wonderful advice and help by guiding myself and Malcolm with Molly. We found that getting a puppy at our time of life was harder than we expected but with your guidance and advice we will get there and start to enjoy our new family member. It is our turn to put into practice the teaching that you have given us  Also the notes that you sent after each class will come in handy for us to recall what we learnt. Through our daughter Amanda introducing us to Muttamorphosis we would not have known where to turn, but along came Sue our saviour, THANK YOU, we will certainly recommend Mutttamorphosis to anyone who needs help with their pets.  I have sent a photograph of Molly taking a well earned rest from puppy class. Thanks again Sue and I am sure we will be looking at other classes as and when Molly is ready.”

Norma & Malcolm Cowen

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for all of the training with Lola so far. Your expertise and enthusiasm is invaluable. We are really looking forward to carrying on in June.”

Baker Family

“Thanks Sue for all your help, training and advice. We all think Scooby got a lot out of his classes
Rosemary Jones

“Sue and Muttamorphosis came highly recommended from several people when we brought home our Border Collie puppy, Denver. We quickly signed up to the puppy classes, but as we haven’t shared a home with a dog in a while, we rapidly realised we would benefit from some extra guidance so booked a few home training visits too. These focused sessions have proved to be invaluable and a perfect complement to class. With this extra direction we are now very confident we have our pup on the right track, but most importantly, that that we have been personally trained and given the right tools to achieve great results. Sue works at a million miles an hour and is a whirlwind of positivity- after just an hour’s session we are all exhausted – dog and owner alike! I thoroughly recommend these services as it accelerates results and builds a great foundation together.
Lee and Border Collie Denver 

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of the help you’ve given us with Dakota over the last couple of months. She has improved so much in the short space of time and we hope she will continue to do so. Your advice has been fantastic and we really appreciate it.”
Holly and Klee Kai Dakota

Sam“We had found Sue’s puppy classes very helpful so she was the obvious person to turn to when Sam’s poor recall starting making life miserable. Sue’s one to one sessions were invaluable. She was realistic about what we could achieve and suggested lots of ways of making Sam more owner-orientated. She also emailed summaries which were great to refer to in the weeks between the lessons. We still use a long line in new or particularly challenging places, but walks are now enjoyable again and we haven’t had a stand off where Sam won’t come back for ages. Sam even passed his Silver Good Citizen Award at Easter – something we never thought he would manage. We would have no hesitation in recommending Muttamorphosis to any dog owner at any stage. Thank you Sue.”
Kathryn and Doodle Sam

Zeus“We would like to let you know that we found you very knowledgeable and helpful. Your advice has been manageable for us, well explained and is clearly specific to Zeus and his particular issues rather than general advice that we could read anywhere. We found your manner approachable and none judgmental (often a problem when owning a reactive dog) and we felt a huge relief that we’d found someone who was going to be able to help us. You may remember we’re on to our 4th trainer and have struggled with the non-positive methods and un-achievable advice we’ve been given.”
Abby & Eurasier Zeus

Florrie“We met Florrie at Morgan’s Rescue in Alston. She had been rescued from Ireland
together with her three big brothers.
he’d started to react to other dogs.
We had a consultation with Sue after filling out her questionnaire, followed by a coaching session involving her four impressive dogs.
Sue was able to explain why Florrie had started to react this way and what we should do. And two months on it’s working. Florrie is learning to confidently pass other dogs in the street, in the park and on the beach, on and off the leader. And we are much better equipped to manage these situations.
We recommend that you contact Sue if you have a similar problem.”
James, Hazel & Border Collie Florrie

hugo“Thanks so much for your help and expertise we ALL got so much from the classes and can’t wait to get started on the next set.”
Amanda and Hungarian Vizsla Hugo

jess“Thanks for the fantastic sessions with our (feral!) collie, Jess. I really saw an improvement in her behaviour and thought the clicker training was a marvellous system; much easier to practise than I had imagined. She has since been and enjoyed a visit to the pub and is greeting other dogs more calmly when on the lead. I think she also enjoyed the stimulation of the exercises in class and at home.”
Cathy & Collie Jess

Lucy“What a brilliant experience both myself and Lucy have received from Sue. Lucy has become a calm puppy who is eager to learn. She is calm around other dogs yet sociable, and I feel confident in taking Lucy into any environment. The course was extremely informative and I’m now looking forward to the next training stage.”
Rita and Lhasa Apso Lucy.

IMG_20150716_205437678“Big thanks Sue for all your help & guidance throughout your Puppy socialisation & Foundation caninecitizenship courses. Both Cinder & I enjoyed your classes & the chance to meet other puppies & their people alike. I’ve gained a valuable insight to how Cinder sees the world & learnt how to assist her in developing self control & good manners. Cinder overcame her fear of descending the stairs & improved her focus & concentration over the weeks whilst attending your classes all thanks to your knowledge & experience. Highly recommended & much appreciated. ”
Sarah & rescue pup Cinder

“Lily wasn’t the most attentive of dogs as she wanted to play with the other pups and their owners. However, I persevered with her – and so did Sue – and she was actually learning, though she didn’t show it initially. I listened and watched and managed to get Lily to do all of the exercises when at home. It was certainly worth taking her to the course because she has calmed down lots and I’ve learned how to control her in most situations. Thanks again Sue.”
Hazel Lawson & Staffie Lily

photo“Just to say thank you for the brilliant puppy class that I came to on 25th July with Monty. I feel like we both learnt a great deal and it was far more informative than previous classes I’d attended with my spaniel ( not yours I might add !).”
Carrie Walker & Dachshund Monty

Barney“Barney was a 10 month old troublesome pup with behavioural issues & little-to-no training when we re-homed him from his previous owners. We spent all the hours in the day attempting to train the behaviour problems out of him, however all the typical training methods appeared to have little positive impact on the undesirable characteristics that had developed in his previous environment. One day, however, we came across Sue McCabe & Muttamorphosis by chance.  Sue visited Barney after we completed our questionnaire & provided on-the-spot corrective guidance on Barney’s handling – which he responded to immediately. We have now attended classes for five weeks & Sue McCabe is one of the most inspiring trainers we have ever met & her methods are second-to-none. Her approach is supported with facts & logical reasoning; making training easy to digest & follow, particularly from your dog’s perspective. We would highly recommend anyone to enrol into one of Sue’s classes, whether you have an eight week old pup or an adolescent dog (with or without behavioural problems), as you will emerge with a first-class, well-mannered dog that will be welcome anywhere.  This is the best five weeks we have had together as a family & we have learnt so much that we have enrolled into the Bronze Level of The Kennel Club Good Citizen Award Class.
Widnell Family with Barney Cockerpoo.

“As a dog walker and pet sitter I have learnt so many valuable lessons and feel I am prepared for any eventuality. I feel this course should be essential to anybody who looks after other people’s animals! Emma delivered the course with great humour and interest too.”
Canine First Aid Course feedback from Jen Little from The Little Pet People

“Thank you for your time and very good advice for Harvey. We appreciate all your help. We will recommend you to anyone needing help with their dog.”
Marshall Family with Cocker Harvey

Phoebe‘The main goal was to be able to let her off the lead to have a good run around, which we have definitely achieved. Thanks again for all your help and giving me the skills (and confidence) to let Phoebe off lead.’
Lucy & Jane with Greyhound Phoebe

DIGGER 3‘A huge thank you for yesterdays class.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and have already seen a huge improvement in Digger’s behaviour in just 24hrs. We will continue with his training and be able to enjoy him more.  Thanks again for everything, we will definately reccomend you to friends. We wish we had met you 7 weeks ago!’
Rowley Family with Min. Schnauzer Digger

IMG_0459 (1)‘Thanks for all the help with training JD. He loves your classes as they have helped with him becoming a happy & settled dog who we can take anywhere. Please put our name down for the May Bronze  Award class as we would like to bring him to that.’
Moira & Keith with Cocker JD

Molly‘First dog I have had, found class was very informative & enjoyable for both me & Molly. She went from a shy timid puppy to a puppy with confidence in the five weeks we attended the class. Thank you sue look forward to next course.’
Elaine & rescue GSD X Molly

Bailey & jensen 2‘Thank you Sue for all of the training we have had with Bailey in the last 12 months & now all your help with our new pup. In just a day we have calmer dogs from your help and advice.’
Nicky & Andrew Burton with Tibetan Mastiffs Bailey & Jensen

Spike!‘Thank you Sue for the excellent puppy training course, both Spike & I greatly benefited from your patience, advice & guidance. Spike is my first big dog &having previously owned terriers, I want to try to ensure he is a dog that everyone likes – & not one to be avoided. You have helped me have a clearer understanding of how dogs learn & why they behave as they do. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other dog owners who are in need of support in training their pet. Thankyou.’
Simon Finch & Husky Spike

‘A big thank you for helping us through your puppy socialisation & foundation courses which we recently completed. Our beautiful Staffy George has really benefited from attending your classes and he is a pleasure to take out on walks & visits to the pub! We will certainly recommend you to anybody looking for puppy classes.’
Martin & Pam Howlett with Staffie George

‘We found all your comment, tips & exercises really useful & thankfully Izzy is smart enough to pick them up really quickly even if we are beginners. We’ve enjoyed watching Izzy & ourselves develop in the class & at home over the last few weeks. Your positive energy & enthusiasm really makes us want to work harder &  train longer to make sure Izzy reaches her potential!’
Steven & Kathryn with Coton Du Tulear Izzy

‘Dotty was a nervous seven week old German Shepherd when I first got her. Although I have had dogs in the past I had never attended training classes before, but decided we might both benefit from the experience.  I have seen Dotty make so much progress over the past twelve months & am ever grateful I found Muttamorphosis & Sue. I took Dotty to the Puppy Socialisation sessions to see how we would get on and the sessions were so rewarding and enjoyable that once we had finished, we signed ourselves up for the Puppy Foundation Course & then progressed to the Kennel Club Good Dog Scheme Bronze Course.  Dotty has gained much from socialising & training with other dogs, as a result her behaviour and confidence has much improved. Sue is a great tutor and both Dotty & I have benefitted from her guidance and advice. Each session is also a lot of fun! The Bronze Course has quite a demanding test at the end… and Dotty passed the test. We have now signed up for the Silver Course. The Muttamorphosis courses are well run, in a nice location & are great value for money. I think the vast majority of dog owners would benefit from the courses. I highly recommend them. If you are like I was, a bit of a sceptic, I urge you to have a go.  You will be very surprised at how much you &  your dog take from these courses.’
Graham Pears & Dotty GSD

‘We have been taking our dogs to Sue’s classes for over a year. Although I’d trained a German Shepherd before this time I took on two puppies at the same time.  I don’t think I’d realised what I’d taken on.  However from the off Sue offered really good advice on what we should be doing to make sure we’d have two well adjusted dogs.  Thanks to her advice (often tough) we now have to beautiful well natured dogs.  Both have been through & passed puppy, puppy foundation and Good Citizen Bronze – & as we have trained them separately I’ve attend the classes twice.  I couldn’t recommend Sue more highly – she is brilliant trainer, the classes are good fun, with great advice.  I have two large Husky crosses that are wilful but because of the classes they are well behaved, are even more beautiful & a pleasure to have & I put that down to Sue’s classes’.
Chris Pegg & Lab X Huskys Zeus & Apollo

‘Muttamorphosis dog training classes make’s life so much easier for you and your new pup, and is also so much fun and very rewarding!  Thanks Sue!’
Claire, Donna & Macey Cocker

‘… after completing both the KC Good Citizen Puppy & Bronze courses with Sue, Belle has turned into a lovely calm dog most of the time but being 10.5 months old she still has her mad moments! The courses are brilliant for helping to structure the training that you do. Having 7 or 8 other dogs and owners to help share the experience with is great as everyone has good and bad weeks so you laugh together as the dogs decide that they don’t want to do what you are telling them. Sue is brilliant at helping you to get things back on track and encourage you when you feel disheartened!  We would definitely recommend Sue to anyone as she is a marvel with dogs’

‘Before we had Sue’s helps Buster had to be in the middle of everything, literally! With advice from Sue, Buster is now a much more settled dog & is happy to not always be centre of attention.  This has made our life with him so much more enjoyable.

The most invaluable help we have had from Sue was from when she accompanied us on a walk, to give us guidance on letting Buster loose! With the tips from Sue, and Buster’s new found best play thing, we can now let him off his leader to run around & burn off some energy.  We all love nothing better than going on a nice long walk & seeing Buster running round happy, this also makes things at home a lot easier as he is a lot calmer.’
Julie & Darren Burns with Patterdale Buster

‘A brilliant dog 1st aid course covering everything you would need to know, from saving your dog’s life to learning to put a bandage on an ear.  Fantastic day.’
Gail O’Donnell, A1 Pretty Paws, Gateshead.

‘Many thanks to you and Emma for a fantastic course today.  Loved meeting the gorgeous canine helpers too!  I have recommended the course to some other dog walkers I know’
Janine Fairbrother

‘Overall it was a really good class which I enjoyed.  The nurse was an excellent speaker, fluid and friendly, and I would recommend the course to any dog owner and especially to any dog professional.  Keep up the great work.’
Jayne Lockey

‘Glad I attended the first aid course.  I’d encourage anyone living or working with dogs to go along to the next one.  Now I’m aware of what to do, and just as importantly what NOT to do in an emergency.  Emma explained the dos and don’ts and whys and wherefores very clearly, and the course booklet is a welcome reference guide.’
Deborah Collins

‘I truly enjoyed the course and it was great to learn lots of new things and know that I may now be able to save my pets life if necessary! Everyone was very friendly and the day was enjoyed by everyone including your dogs. Thank you for the opportunity and hopefully this experience will help me gain the job I really want working with dogs in the long run.
Suzanne Metcalff

‘If you don’t have a clue about first aid for dogs, then target this course!’
David Holmes, Diamond Dog Behaviour

‘The First Aid Course was very informative and useful.  I hope I never need to use what I have learnt at the course, on Cody or any other dog but I am very greatful incase I ever do.  There was a lovely friendly atmosphere and Emma kept the whole day interesting.  Many thanks to Sue for arranging it and Misty for allowing us to prod and poke her!’
Carole Harrison

‘I thought that the Canine First Aid Course was very enlightening and my friend Diane and I very much enjoyed it. We learned a lot on the course and some things that we were told we were amazed about and it was very worthwhile to be there and have these things brought to our attention.  We found Emma very good and she explained things very thoroughly to us which is good, as on a lot of courses you come away thinking ‘what was all of that about?’ but not on this one.  It was very well presented and everyone was made to feel part of the course.  Please give Misty another piece of chicken from us as she was wonderful yesterday, letting us bandage her leg and ears.  She deserves it!’
Pauline Brown

‘Thanks for providing such a valuable and professional course. As a pet care services provider first aid knowledge is invaluable as no owner would forgive me if their animal suffered in a health emergency. I now feel confident and fully equipped to deal with any first aid situations I may encounter thanks to the courses great balance of information and practical demonstrations.’
Rob Adair

‘I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with the Muttamorphosis classes. Polly and I both enjoyed the classes a lot. Many people have commented on how quickly Polly’s behavior has improved, and I’ve noticed a big change in her myself. I was particularly impressed with how all the dogs get individual attention. Being a terrier Polly is very excitable and full of energy, and the individual tips you’ve given me have made a big difference.’
Ann M Wilson & JRT Polly

‘Just to say, thank you again for your very useful course. It has certainly made him a much better behaved teenager and everyone comments on how good he is. I have recommended you to someone who was asking about dog training and will do so again, if asked.’
Stephen Lightley & Whiskey Lab

‘I must say you have transformed both of us – and the family . I never thought I would have a border terrier who would “leave it” when faced with a bag of chips on a walk . She was on a lead but it’s a good start.She walks well on a lead , sits when I meet people and loves to play with us. She is quite polite to other dogs. And gentle with my cats and does not even notice the guinea pigs , all a result of training and advice from yourself. We have a new saying in our house when faced with any thing new with the dog “ What would Sue say?” and Ruth will tell me. Your name has been quoted so often even my son talks about you. When sitting in the car talking to his friend who has a dog  I heard him say “ Angus you must never set your dog up to fail. That’s what Poppy’s trainer says.”  not bad for a 3 year old.’
Victoria Daniels

“We can’t recommend Sue highly enough.  Her classes have been a vital part of Bertie’s development -and he adores her!  She provides you with the tools to bring out the wonderful potential in your dog; the improvement in all our puppies by the end of the Bronze course was amazing.”

Cath Amos & Golden Doodle Bertie” We have been to Sue’s (Muttamorphosis) clicker classes and had a couple of home visits/private trainingsessions. Sue is friendly, professional and enthusiastic, she whole-heartedly throws herself into working with the dogs and really seems to have a special way with them.

The clicker classes were enjoyable, helpful, with a relaxed atmosphere, great handouts and fun for the dogs. Since working with Sue, Kizzie’s recall has improved massively and we have been able to use the tools that Sue has taught us to teach Kizzie further skills and commands.

I would recommend Sue to anyone and would have no hesitation in using Sue’s services again.”
Dianne, Megan & Melissa Burnett

‘Just wanted to tell you we enjoyed your class, and we have seen a real improvement in Dexter, and will recommend you to our friends.’
Bev & Jason

“We cannot  thank Sue enough for putting her skills and extensive knowledge to good use in transforming our Springer, Alfie, from being a hyper, unruly puppy into a lovely well-behaved dog. Sue’s training and guidance have been invaluable – you just have to look at her own dogs to appreciate her love of animals and enthusiasm for her profession.  We highly recommend Sue and the services of Muttamorphosis.”
SJ Newcastle

“We were very impressed with the way our puppy became a socialised and (nearly!) well behaved dog, all thanks to both your puppy class and more recently clicker class.  I have, and will continue to do so, recommended especially the puppy class, to friends.  Also – it’s good to know that if behaviour problems appear we always know that you will be able to help to sort them out.”
Avery Family

“We bought a Border Terrier puppy that turned out to be a bit highly strung and very nervous of other dogs. Attending Sue’s puppy and clicker classes equipped us with some great techniques and confidence to turn our dog into a well trained and confident adult. We love having a terrier that comes back when called. We valued the experience so much that we now have our new BT puppy in Sue’s puppy class.”
D. Collins

‘Muttamorphosis have provided us with an excellent, friendly, flexible and reliable dog-walking service. I have felt confident about giving Sue access to our home when we are out, and also have complete confidence in Sue’s ability to look after our dog. Our old dog always comes back with a smile on her face and a spring in her step!’

‘Our puppy is so well behaved and a delight to have around the house and I know we can take no credit for this, Sue’s help and training has been invaluable. A wonderful website + service and we would recommend her wholeheartedly!’
Kelly Bowers

‘Two home visits to help me begin training a rescue dog which was extremely helpful in getting started with a dog who had no previous training at all. Lots of help and suggestions to my questions by e-mail. Subsequently joined a training course for several months and worked on various behaviours. Very good handouts and general advice and support.’
Irmgarde Horsley

‘I have two Cocker Spaniels, Lola and Millie who have both been to the puppy classes that Sue (Muttamorphosis) runs. I found the classes to be fun and informative and the dogs certainly had a good time! As a result I have two well behaved dogs that are a pleasure to own. I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone who has a puppy or is thinking of getting one in the near future.’

‘My dog took to Sue right away. He’s gone through a lot of changes in his life and it’s great to see him so happy and at ease with her. Thanks!’

‘Sue is a star! My work pattern is erratic and she is always happy to fit Buddy into her already busy schedule. He can be a challenging dog, but she has had a positive impact on his behaviour, and he is much easier to handle. The ultimate test is Buddy’s reaction when he sees her!’
Jeni Ling

‘Harvey is doing really well in most areas. We have found the clicker training method and your advice amazingly successful. Within the house he is such a different dog to when we first got him. He sits and looks at us to have a door opened or to get his meals. He loves training sessions. Friends can’t believe the commands he understands…I dread to think what life with him would have been like if we hadn’t been to your classes.’
Pete & Vic Smith

Bracken‘Sue has been walking Bracken our 41/2 year old Golden Retriever for just 3 months now, but during that time she has managed to overcome our dog’s fear of cars. Bracken used to dig her heels in and need physically lifting into the boot. Now she will leap into Sue’s van without hesitation. Bracken obviously loves her walks with Sue and always comes back happy, exhausted, wet and sometimes muddy – just what an energetic retriever needs. From an owner’s point of view, Sue is reliable, trustworthy and extremely accommodating. We cannot recommend her highly enough.’
Chris & Carole

‘We have used Muttamorphosis services on three occasions – behaviour support, puppy classes and clicker training. We would highly recommend Sue for her knowledge, support and understanding of dogs. Sue has been a great help to our family and has also introduced us to rescue dogs which has now resulted in us having a wonderful pet.’
The Fisher Family

Turi Bidetta‘I can’t recommend Sue’s classes highly enough, if you follow the course through you can’t fail to notice a huge difference in your dog. She teaches (amongst other things) how to get the dog to focus on you when out and about which means they are an absolute pleasure to walk. Sue makes the classes easy to understand and each dog (and owner) is dealt with as an individual. She is always happy to give help and advice if you are having problems with things that are not covered in class and you never feel rushed. If you ever need confirmation of the fantastic things that can be achieved with Sue’s methods you just need to see her beautiful collie Sage in action!’
Katy Bidetta

‘Through this site and other people’s recommendations and experiences, I found Sue McCabe, who looks after my dog Taz while I am at work. Sue has an excellent and natural ability with animals and I was immediately reassured by my dog’s reaction to her when we first met. Now when I drop him off, he happily rushes through the front door to meet with his friends for a day of fun and games. My job demands a great deal of flexibility and Sue always manages to work things around in order for my dog to be kept looked after and safe while I am away. I hope my posting helps other dog owners to find excellent care for their dog and peace of mind for themselves as I have found with Sue.’
Magnolia Kannava

Ebony Clarkson‘Sue has been an absolute godsend! Ebs is a different dog, very settled, happy and more confident with other dogs since making friends with Sue and the other dogs she walks. I no longer feel guilty about leaving Ebs when I go to work as I know she gets an excellent walk every day. Sue is extremely professional and is excellent

with the dogs. A service I cannot do without.’
Sam Clarkson

‘Ruby and I owe a big THANK YOU to Sue’s skill and patience. Ruby is a 3-year-old bull terrier who, after having four homes within a 9 month period, came to me with some peculiar habits – some of which were distressing for her and me. They ranged from fear and lack of socialisation, to aggression and ‘tantrums’. The one-to-one consultation, at home allowed Sue to see Ruby in her own environment, giving her the background needed to devise a training program for Ruby and I that is fun for us, easy to implement and takes into account our needs, lifestyle and Ruby’s idiosyncrasies! She has supported us offering advice, guidance and praise at every turn. Sue has made a small dog (and her owner!) very happy! I would recommend Sue unreservedly.’Helen Davison (and Ruby)

Kenny Dryden‘Sue has made me feel happy about being at work during the day, my dog gets more exercise now than if I had been at home all day! Sue makes sure he has enough water and if I have any worries or queries Sue is more than happy to help. She is very professional and has a very special way with dogs. I would not hesitate to recommend her.’Rachel Dryden

‘I had complete confidence in Sue when she walked our two spaniels for a week recently. She took the time to come out with me before to find out how they behaved and the commands they were used to and generally get to know them. She is very professional but also obviously a great dog lover and my dogs loved her back!’Sarah Bates

Molly Vaughan‘I really cannot recommend Sue highly enough. She has been regularly walking my springer spaniel Jay for the last 9 months. She really is quite wonderful with dogs and her abilites as a dog trainer have not only ensured that she has wonderfully trained dogs my 12 year old dog (who is completly deaf) is now trained to respond to hand signals. It is such a help to know the dog gets not only regular walks but also lots of fuss and attention and comes back happy and exhausted! We were also fortunate enough to have her to look after jay while we were away and had absolute peace of mind about how she was being looked after.’Valerie Vaughan