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Jellybean Week 4 Training Foundations for Eye Contact

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I am an unapologetic user of food when it comes to training my dogs. Jellybean was chosen for his equal love of toys and food. Motivating a dog to…

Jellybean Week 3. Training Foundation for Sit & Down Stay.

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During his second week home, I started basic sit and down positions with Jellybean using a clicker and tasty food. Over the past week, I’ve gradually withdrawn the lure (food in…

Jellybean Week 2. Training Foundations for Loose Leash

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Having settled in and with socialisation in full swing last week, we scaled things down a bit this past week. Did you know that dogs go through their primary…

Jellybean Week 1. Getting to know you! Bonding & Settling in.

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18months ago I found the most wonderful breeder and put my name down for a puppy. 14 months ago I flew to meet the family, the dam-to-be,…

Crufts 2017: What’s New in Dog Products?

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Following my visit to Crufts last month, I thought I’d write a blog about some of the novel or stand-out products…

How a Simple Hand Target can Help with Training!

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Guinness kindly helped out with a little video project this week, to show my current class attendees how a simple hand target can help with training…

Tribute to a Dog Training Class

Signing up to a dog training class can be daunting. On night one, people and dogs can suffer nerves. Last year I had a lady tell me that for…

Will Work For Food!

guinness 1st day
I always bring a toy on my walks, I often have food in my pocket. Do I always use…

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