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Winter Walkies

Anyone else feeling sick and tired of wet muddy dogs and dirty towels pilling up? And it’s only November! As a dog walker and an owner of three hairy pooches, I dry on average 11 wets dogs every day. With the dark nights and the horrible rainy days fast taking over, I’ve just about worked out my dog cleaning routine to minimise the towel laundry and the mud levels around the house. Two products, after years of trying various items, have now become part of my daily routine.

The first is a wonderful but strange rubbery thing called an easidri towel ( It’s capacity to soak up water is phenomenal. This product is kept moist at all times and stored in a handy plastic container. It can be rubbed all over the dogs body to soak up even muddy water and then wrung out before placing back into it’s container again. A word of warning. It needs to be rinsed in clean water again after every few times it’s used as it will retain mud as well as water and can smell a bit. But it’s invaluable for drying the dogs off and amazingly, reduces the number of normal towels I use to a bare minimum. If the client dogs are dried using the easidri towel before getting into the van, they are almost completely dry by the time I drop them home.

The second product, when used in combination with the easidri towel is all you’ll need for clean dry, dogs, without the fuss of constant towel laundry. It’s the Snugglesafe Microfibre Towel ( Again, having tried and tested many dog towels over the years, this product has the ability to remove the last remaining dampness and dirt from the dog’s fur, and has a much larger capacity to soak up moisture than an ordinary towel. I can use one Snugglesafe Microfibre towel for my three large dogs and it’s ample for their wet to dry needs. In addition it need less washing than a normal towel, as when dry, the mud stains seem to brush off leaving the towel clean enough to be used over and over again.

With both these products to hand at all times, I’ve reduced my towel laundry by more than 80% and the dogs are no longer wet and muddy getting into the van, or when they get home. So with winter truly here but the dogs still expecting their outdoor fun each day, it’s certainly made my life easier having both the Easidri towel and the Snugglesafe Microfibre Towel ready to do all the hard work for me.