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Flyball – A Dog Sport Like No Other

Ever wished there was an easier way burn some of your dog’s energy without walking for hours each day? If you’ve got a ball crazy dog, who has a…

Living with an older dog

By Sue McCabe

Living with an older dog.

I remember years ago when we decided to keep several foster dogs and cats all of a similar age, my…

What kind of dog do you want?

By Sue McCabe

It was a delightful surprise this week when two clients with very young puppies explained they were putting into place a really varied and…

The Socialisation Misnomer

By Sue McCabe

Are we teaching our dogs to be anti-social, by becoming obsessed with socialisation?

I just spent a week in Paris. While there I made an…

Is it time for dog No. 4?

By Sue McCabe

In the past few weeks I’ve finally got the family to agree that it might just be time for another dog. Up until now,…

Five Things Every Dog-& Owner-Should Know!

By Sue McCabe

1. People are worth being around.
It is vital, if your dog is to live a happy life, that he enjoys being around people. His learning…