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Muttamorphosis Puppy Socialisation Class Video!

People are always welcome to come along and observe my dog training classes.   I’m pleased to say that more and more clients are planning in advance, not just when it comes to finding a suitable dog & breeder, but also when it comes to finding a well run puppy training class.  I’ve been asked so many times what I actually teach in my puppy classes, and how they are run, that I decided to video a typical class so that everyone could get an idea of how class is run, how dogs are organised, what we teach and the learning atmosphere during our hour long weekly session.

Puppies are all off leash under control from week 1, learning about what it’s like to be a dog, around other dogs and people. The hall is filled with environmental enrichment, toys, cardboard boxes filled with treats and parents are encouraged to bring their children along to enhance the learning experience for humans and dogs alike.  Therefore, training takes place with the kind of distractions which occur in every day life and everyone is encouraged to be responsible & alert teaching puppy good manners from their very first training session.  Please share with anyone who you feel may be interested!