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Member Area > Muttamorphosis First Aid Course for Pet Dog Owners!

Muttamorphosis First Aid Course for Pet Dog Owners!

On Sunday 12th June, Muttamorphosis Dog Training & Behaviour ran its first canine first aid course.  Vet nurse Emma Foxall has over 10 years experience in dealing with dogs, from minor mishaps to major emergencies.  She offered an interesting and informative course on all the classic hot spots for first aid treatment, whether you’re living with or caring for a dog.

The course began with checking out vital signs in your dog, being aware specifically of what your own dog is like when at the peak of health.   Fourteen year old GSD X Misty, stooge dog extraordinaire, behaved impeccably while Emma and the group checked for pulse, respiratory rate, temperature and typical signs of a healthy dog such as the condition of coat, skin and gums.

Topics during the day included some very interesting case studies from Emma’s work in practice.  First aid scenarios covered what to do following a road traffic accident, a dog fight, a possible drowning, electrocution, poisoning, stick injury and eye or limb trauma.  In addition to discussion groups over tea & biscuits and lunch (provided), the class also had the chance to practice limb and ear bandaging techniques and view some of the parasites common in pet dogs (not for the squeamish as there were multiple and in jars).

There will be another course held in Autumn which should prove just as popular as this one.  To view what people attending the course said about the day, please visit the testimonial page.