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Is it time for dog No. 4?

By Sue McCabe

In the past few weeks I’ve finally got the family to agree that it might just be time for another dog. Up until now, I haven’t allowed myself to look, in case I found the perfect new addition, but wasn’t in a position to take him.

As some of you will know, I don’t believe that buying a pedigree dog is the choice for me. I have been involved in rescue for too long to consider paying money to someone who is adding to an already over crowded canine population. A visit to any sanctuary, rescue centre, cats and dogs home in the UK will prove there simply are not enough good homes, for the number of dogs that already exist.

In Ireland, where I am from and where I worked in rescue for 7 years, the situation is far worse. This recent video was sent to me
I think it sums up really well reality in which we live, where people will spend up to £700 on a designer cross breed (every puppy class I run now has an ‘oodle’ of some kind), yet cross breeds fill each and every sanctuary to capacity. There is simply nothing wrong with a rescue dog, they just ended up with the wrong owner who either couldn’t or wouldn’t work through their differences.

So my search begins. I am a firm believer that the right dog will come along at the right time. This is what has always happened in the past and I am lucky enough (with lots of hard work and understanding) to own the best three dogs in the world. I have a list of what I want from my next dog. I know exactly what age I would like them to be, what size, what exercise needs they will have. I have specific questions for the rescue about the dog’s history and socialisation since coming into their care. I know that I want a dog that is smart, fun loving but not pushy. I like a dog that is keen to learn and has soft eyes and floppy ears. I want another male, under a year old.

It may take me some time to find him, in fact he may already be out there, waiting for me in a kennel at this very moment. But again the reality is, with so many dogs desperate for a home, how will I ever pick just one?