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Flyball – A Dog Sport Like No Other

Ever wished there was an easier way burn some of your dog’s energy without walking for hours each day? If you’ve got a ball crazy dog, who has a basic recall and is happy to be around other dogs and people, then Flyball may be the sport for you.

The fastest growing dog sport in the UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne has a new Flyball team called Karma Kanines. The club is run by, amongst others, qualified veterinary nurse and experienced flyball competitor Emma Foxall. I have trained with Emma and her team and as well as taking every dog as an individual, they train for fun as well as competition. Regardless of breed, your dog could be the next Newcastle flyball champion.

So if you’re up for a new challenge which includes your beloved pooch, why not get in touch with your local team and find out about beginners courses. More details including who to contact can be found at